Most canes today are strictly utilitarian. They are being sold widely in most stores, and they are not aesthetically pleasing to see. Many of them are ergonomically uncomfortable to hold for an extended period of time, and they can cause an additional issue to the hand nervous system. They make from lightweight aluminum rods which are easy to manufacture and required fewer processes to go through. Other conventional materials are also wood and plastic.

Portfolio 20178.jpg
Portfolio 20179.jpg


Ideation stage is to come up with many designs that address not one but many possible solutions. Next step is exploring the variety of shapes and forms that help solving the problem with as little designs as possible.

Portfolio 201710.jpg


My mock-ups focus mainly from my inspirations: adjustability, modular, and elegant. Material choices are important during this stage, an easy manufacturing process is important but must not compromise the quality of the final product.

Portfolio 201711.jpg
Portfolio 201712.jpg

Final Design

Final design was inspired by Google Ara, a modular phone that can be easily upgraded to higher specs. The handle, body, and leg are fully detachable. They can be exchanged out for different parts, colors, materials or designs.

Portfolio 201714.jpg
Portfolio 201715.jpg


People like to have choices so by utilizing the modular design of the final cane product. People can customize the canes in different ways like matching their favorite colors, their team favorite colors, or different materials.

Portfolio 201713.jpg


Modular design cane, it can be customized based on user needs. The handle, body, and leg are detachable so they can be exchanged to use with different designs, materials, or different configurations.