There is a significant amount of poverty rate in Santa Clara County. To help them control the cash flow, they must start making changes to their lifestyles by investing in affordable products that will help them reduce the outflow of cash or bring in extra income. As the client, IKEA is taking the lead at building affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly products that will eventually assist the people in poverty with an appropriate product.

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Planter boxes: homegrown food for people with backyard or vertical planner box for apartment.

Greenhouses: for growing off-season produces.




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Saving Energy

Energy saving: use the sun to dry cloth, grow vines near the windows to stop sunlight from heating the house during summer, glow in the dark blind so during the day the blinds collect UV light and shine at night.

Food preservation: drying, cooling, and dehydration.

Ideas Mock-ups

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Round 2

Final Design

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