Sony's Power-View is a detachable wireless camera lens for mobile phones. It uses the phone’s processing power and controls the device. The lens is detachable and became a wireless camera for the phone. Once detached the phone’s screen acts as a view finder. Get low, high or closer to the object and still see what the lens is seeing. 

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The Hunt

Using existing products that can be found in various retail stores and combining them together to create new mock-ups. 

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The final direction is focusing on designing a wireless camera lens for mobile phone. The lens is detachable so the user can get closer or farther away from the object. 

Quick Lens Release

Lens quick-release button, press and hold then rotate clockwise to detach the lens.

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Case Charging Contacts

The case will charge the lens via the charging contacts rings. When the lens is attached, the contact points on the lens will meet with the rings on the case, and the case will charge automatically.

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Lens Charging Contacts

Contact points will meet with the case and charge automatically.

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USB-C Charging Port

The case has built-in battery so it can charge the lens on the go.

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On-Screen Control

On-screen control provides all the necessary functions: zoom, exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, focusing points, and shutter speed.

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The design of the lens has a quick-release button where the user pushes and holds on to the button. Once they twisted in counter-clockwise motion the lens will detach from the body. Next, they can move the lens around and the phone screen is acting as a view-finder.

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Due to the wireless feature of the lens, the user can use it as a selfie lens where they can hold the lens and take the picture on the other hand. Another method is placing the lens on a surface, and they can take a wide-shot with the background. 

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