Existing robot cleaners are restricted by their plastic housings, narrow brush sizes, and non-swappable batteries. They are chunky, limited in the cleaning area, and have short cleaning time. My mission is to design a new robot cleaner that will celebrate the functionality, wider cleaning area, and longer running time.

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Name: Veronica Family
Age: Veronica 32, Ricky 12 and Josie 8.
Status: Single mom
Location: Seattle, WA
Occupation: Financial Consultant, $60k
Interest & Hobbies: yoga, jogging, reading, going to the museum, handcrafting gifts, painting, playing poker.
Pets: 1 cat and 1 dog.

Bio: Veronica was born in Seattle and had lived there for most of her life. She works as a financial consultant for Affirma Consulting in Seattle. Her daily schedule can take up most of her day and it’s difficult for her to get everything organizes within a day. Currently, Veronica has 1 cat and a dog, and they love playing with her kids. However,  they shed hairs faster than Veronica can clean them. 
“Okay, I am in need of an automated robot cleaner that doesn’t require my attention to operate. It must require little maintenance, clean under the furniture, and transport my only cat around. I know he is lazy!”



Final Three

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Why Stag Beetle?


Final Design

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Back to the Goals

As stated before, I had a set of goals I wanted to accomplish at the end of the process, from improving efficiency to getting the corners. I’m strongly believed that my goals had been accomplished throughout many rounds of brainstormings, sketching, problem-solving, testings and refining.