Existing robot cleaners are restricted by their plastic housings, narrow brush sizes, and non-swappable batteries. They are chunky, limited in the cleaning area, and have short cleaning time. My mission is to design a new robot cleaner that will celebrate the functionality, wider cleaning area, and longer running time.

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Name: Veronica Family
Age: Veronica 32, Ricky 12 and Josie 8.
Status: Single mom
Location: Seattle, WA
Occupation: Financial Consultant, $60k
Interest & Hobbies: yoga, jogging, reading, going to the museum, handcrafting gifts, painting, playing poker.
Pets: 1 cat and 1 dog.

Bio: Veronica was born in Seattle and had lived there for most of her life. She works as a financial consultant for Affirma Consulting in Seattle. Her daily schedule can take up most of her day and it’s difficult for her to get everything organizes within a day. Currently, Veronica has 1 cat and a dog, and they love playing with her kids. However,  they shed hairs faster than Veronica can clean them. 
“Okay, I am in need of an automated robot cleaner that doesn’t require my attention to operate. It must require little maintenance, clean under the furniture, and transport my only cat around. I know he is lazy!”


Aesthetic Goals

Final Three

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Why Stag Beetle?


Final Design

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